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Naturally Sweet Ingredients

What's The Secret??? 

SHEA BUTTER- A butter extracted from the nut of the African Shea tree. It is pretty solid and melts upon skin contact. It is a widely used moisturizer for extremely dry skin and hair. 2 well known types of shea butters are refined and unrefined. 

unrefined (raw) shea butter- moisturizing, nutrient rich, ivory to light yellow in color, and has a nutty scent. Has anti-inflammatory properties and absorbs rapidly into the skin. This is our preferred shea butter and is used in a variety of our products. In some products, you may notice its natural scent lightly peeking through the finished product even with added fragrance. 

refined shea butter-  little to no nutrients, white in color, has no scent yet still has all of its moisturizing properties. Absorbs rapidly into the skin. Many companies prefer to use this shea butter because it won't interfere with the scent of the final product.

COCONUT OIL- plant oil derived from the kernels, meat, and milk of the coconut palm and fruit. It is white and solid at room temperature and is high in Lauric Acid, an antimicrobial property known to help sooth inflammation in skin conditions such as psoriasis. Lauric Acid is a property also known for combating acne.



SODIUM BICARBONATE- helps soften the water and deodorize