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Shop our exfoliating scrubs to help remove dead skin cell and toxins and moisturize your skin for a soft smooth finish!

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But First Coffee!

Shop our variety of face mask formulated to attack a variety of condition from eczema to acne leaving your skin with a refreshed  hydrated glow!

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Hey There Suga!

This little guy is ready and waiting to give you the sweetest bear hug! A creamy blend rich in aloe and a variety of vitamins, he will moisturize without leaving you with that sticky waxy feel! You will definitely feel the love from this little guy!

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For Naturally Sweet Skin

Handmade with the finest ingredients, we formulate every product with sensitive skin in mind.

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"Marshmallow Fluff"

The first thing I said as soon as I opened this was “Omg how am I NOT supposed to eat this?!” . It smells so good yall.
Now upon use, I agree with the other customer. A little goes a long way & it replaced my usual shaving cream as well. I notice it left me smoother than anything I’ve ever used. I can normally feel stubbles immediately after a shave, but not with this. There was also no irritation or bad reactions from this, I’m in love. I as well, didn’t have to moisturize after. I almost used this up entirely in one sitting so I can give myself an excuse to get more! it’s amazing!

Doris Love

"Strawberries and Cream Body Moisturizer"

Love this product. Perfect for my Normal to dry skin. Thank you for producing such a wonderful product. We need it here on the west coast.

Alma Simpson

"Oatmeal Soap Bar"

Omg!! I must tell you how amazing this soap is....I use it in my face and it cleared my acne so much....I mean my face is so smooth....the girl who was working in there did a Good job selling this soap but I wasn't sold until I used it....omg Amazing products.....I absolutely have to get like 6 bars to last me a little while.....lol.