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Meet The Owner

Meet Kiwa!


A New Orleans native,  Kiwa is a former nurse and lives in Prairieville, LA with her husband and 3 boys. So how did Kinsey Kakes get started you ask? Well here it is...

Creating things is a talent that's always come natural to her. She's always enjoyed doing anything that allowed her to use her creativity such as decorating, planning parties, baby showers, making flower arrangement, jewelry, gifts ect.  

Aside from everything else, caring for her family is a priority for Kiwa, and having a child with eczema, she spent a great bit on boring oils, creams and soaps that claimed to be helpful to his sensitive skin. But she was looking for something that was much safer, smelled great and more enjoyable to use. Tired of the typical products found in grocery stores with misleading labels and  filled with harmful chemicals, she became interested in creating better skincare for herself and her family.  After working with several suppliers and testing several ingredients, she finally found the right formula to make her first creation "body butter". She then began experimenting with sugar scrubs, and bath bombs soon followed. Testing and learning and testing  she finally perfected her craft and was pushed by family and friends to share her creations with the rest of the world. 

But before she could began her bath time venture, she and her hubby were struck with tragedy when they unexpectedly lost their 2yr old daughter "Kinsey", a tragedy that will change their lives forever. She struggled for years to learn to live with the loss and somehow found comfort in her bath time creations. She has always dreamed of building a business she can one day share with her own daughter and given that a lot of the her creative inspiration for her business came from her daughter, naming the business after her was a no brainer. Thus "Kinsey Kakes" was born. After losing her daughter she was even more inspired to make Kinsey Kakes a huge success. 4 months pregnant she finally scheduled her first trade show. Almost 6 months into her pregnancy, she unexpectedly gave birth to her second baby girl Kayleigh, an addition that the family would look forward to restoring joy back into there home. Unfortunately Kayleigh was to premature to survive on her own. Her second unexpected loss and another tradgic heartbreak. Though kiwa spent many weeks recovering emotionally and physically, she continued to use "kinsey kakes" as therapy and weeks later got back to doing what she love.

She now spends her time traveling to trade shows, giving the business much exposure and recognition bringing her closer to her dream of making kinsey kakes a huge success. In addition to wholesale, the handmade bath line now has a retail store in Houma, LA and is hoping to open a second location in the near future. She continues to regularly add new products to the line and intends to expand her line with products that caters to women, men and children of all ages. "Most people tend to enjoy products that look and smell great and my products deliver that in a safer healthier way. By offering such a product, I hope to encourage others to make better skin care choices." With the challenges she's faced, Kiwa continues to push forward and hopes to someday make Kinsey Kakes a brand known around the world.