How are your products made?

Each of our products are handmade with the finest ingredients just for you by us. Oh no! There's no middle man. We design, create, and wrap each product by hand to ensure nothing but the best meets your bath.

What if my child eats one of my treats?

Lets just say i have a friend or two who's little one have had a cupcake or 2. All of our products are made up of natural food grade ingredients, so the curious little chimpmunk will probably survive. 

What kind of ingredients are in your bath bombs?

Besides a little color and fragrance, our bath bombs are made up ingredients including citric acid, sodium bicarbonate, epsom salt, dead sea salt, and almond oil to name a few.

I have sensitive skin. Can I use these products?

Here at Kinsey Kakes we understand everyone's skin is different which is why our bath products contain no sulfates making them gentle on your skin and safe for everyone to enjoy. However all of them do contain just a little fragrance oil but not all of them contain color.

Can my child use these products?

Sure. Our products are absolutely safe for kids to use. But given the yummy apearance of our little treats we do recommend that children use only under adult supervision just to monitor any mouth watering temptations.

How Long does the cupcakes last?

Many who receive our cupcakes like to argue that they are to adorable to ruin in a bath and surely we understand. Just note that overtime your bath bomb's fragrance will began to fade so the sooner you use them the better. We recommend using them within 3-4 months of receiving them to ensure you get the full enjoyment of these precious little treats. Also note that products containing fragrance oils that contain vanilla sometimes tends to discolor to a brownish color over time- typically the vanilla ice cream. But no worries, your product may begin to loose its original color and scent but it will still have its same goodness and benefits as promised.

Can you do custom orders?

Yes we do make custom orders. With your custom order you are able to choose your colors, fragrance, and even the message on your labels to fit your event. The minimum quantity for custom orders is 12. Just email us at kinseykakes@gmail.com to arrange your custom order.